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WordofTheHour’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to request a new language?

    Fill out our contact form @

    A Google Sheet will be created for the new language.

    Once over 50% of the translations are successfully crowd-sourced, then we will add the new language to the Word of The Hour feed.

    Thank you!

  • How can I subscribe?

    Most of our community members subscribe to Word of The Hour on Reddit. Take a look here to subscribe:

  • Are words ever repeated?

    Yes, we run on a cycle of about 100 days. That means that after 100 days, you will see words start to repeat.

    We repeat words because you need to see a word multiple times to learn it. Also, we repeat words because corrections and improvements may have been added. When our data improves, your learning improves.

  • Are there ever mistakes, errors, or typos?

    Yes, there are many mistakes, errors, and typos. We encourage you to enter corrections in the Google Sheets found here:

    It's important to keep in mind that word to word translations are not perfect. We rely on our community to help fill in gaps and add additional information.

  • Does Word of The Hour make money?

    No, we don't currently profit from Word of The Hour.

    It is simply a side project to learn, share, and make a difference.

    Thank you for your support!

  • Where do translations come from?

    Many of our translations are crowd-sourced by our wonderful community members on Reddit. We have crowd-sourced over 16,500+ translations.

    Translations are entered by community members in Google Sheets. Each language has its own Google Sheet. See here for more info:

  • What is Word of The Hour?

    Word of The Hour is a platform spread across many different apps and social media pages. Every hour, it features a new vocabulary word along with translations into 10+ languages.

  • Does Word of The Hour really help language learners?

    Yes, it can be a helpful supplement to your regular language learning activities.

    Here are some things that users have said:

    • "I think your initiative is very good, and I for one am totally for any idea that can incentivise people to learn."
    • "Thank you so much for this. I downloaded the app and it is helping me immensely. I am trying to learn Portuguese but already speak Spanish. Seeing the words together are helping me to relate them ("oh, ok, so that is the same") or realize they are vastly different and make me memorize. Thanks again!"
    • "Thanks for your consistency in educating me on new words!"

    Please keep in mind that Word of The Hour is the bare minimum to motivate you to learn new words. Our translations are sometimes good, often alright, but quite frequently bad!

    If you particularly like a word, you should look it up on your preferred search engine to learn more information and find translations for different contexts and scenarios.

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